About Xander

Xander Stewart is a photographer, working primarily with 35mm film. Hailing from High Point, North Carolina, Xander first experimented with film photography in high school and fell in love with the soft, poetic nature that digital cameras can never quite emulate. Within the world of analog, Xander cherished the lack of control, the finite opportunities to capture an image, and the inevitable risk of something going wrong. Xander seeks to capture the exquisite beauty found in the everyday. Their photographs tell a story of the broken and beautiful reality of life in the south, with a specific desire to contribute to the queer archive established by other inspired artists, both past and present. Most of Xander's work, particularly the work that has been shown, has been documentation of their own life. Xander feels most attached to the work that is more personal, more intimate, more vulnerable. 

Xander's style is influenced by the creak of an old porch, the stains left by berries on fingertips, the echo of old hymns stuck in their throat, and the unshakable feeling of constantly reclaiming space and thriving in a place never meant to nourish you, like a ragged weed coming up through the concrete. 

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